Production Plant 100

Product Description

P100 P100 P100

Smaller and more compact than the P200, the Production 100 is suitable for remote locations with challenging access. The P100 is a professional grade recovery system. It recovers gold in three areas, coarse nuggets from 150mm - 12.5mm, fine nuggets from 12.5mm to 2.5mm and fine gold concentrates. Concentrates in all fractions are collected in locked containers for easy delivery to secure clean up facilities. Capable of running 100 m3/h* the Production 100 is an excellent product for alluvial mining in any location.
*The throughput of the Production 100 may vary with the condition of the feed material and may increase or decrease.

Main Features

  • Medium scale for alluvial production up to (100 m3/h
  • Specially tuned Knelson XD40
  • Induction Sensor waterless nugget recovery unit
  • Haver & Tyler Hydro-Clean 1000 wash unit
  • Recovers gold in three different size fractions
  • Environmentally Friendly, no chemicals used in metal recovery
  • Make up water requirement of less than 0.30 cubic meters per minute
  • Secure handling of concentrate, no gold is seen by production personnel
  • Skid mounted for site relocation to allow Best Management Practice of Continuous Reclamation