Pilot Plant 50

Product Description

P50 P50 P50

Product Description Our P50 model is designed for testing alluvial deposits before installing a full scale production plant. Included in the P50 is the Knelson XD20 and the Haver & Tyler Hydro-Clean 1000. Although fully capable of 24/7 production the P50 is designed as a relocatable bulk testing plant. A significant test of 10,000 cubic meters could be processed in a few weeks giving the operator confidence to expand to larger volumes, then move on to other locations to increase the resource base. The P50 is mounted on multiple roll-on-roll-off units to facilitate moving between projects or around a large site. The reduced water usage and no settling ponds can provide quicker permitting than conventional recovery equipment.

Main Features

  • Pilot scale testing to verify site for full scale production
  • Capable of 24/7 production
  • Very portable (Mounted and maneuverable)
  • Low water usage, no ponds required for operation
  • Handles heavy clay feeds and separates magnetite for improved gold recovery
  • Environmentally Friendly (No chemicals, water recycling)
  • Secure handling of concentrate
Pilot 50 3D Model