Model Comparison Chart

Exploration Kit P50 P100 P200
Hourly Production Capability1 0.5 m3 per hour 50 m3 per hour 100 m3 per hour 200 m3 per hour
Feed Method Manual Excavator or loader Excavator or loader Trucks, excavator, loader, dozer
Process Water Usage2 0.42 m3 pm 1.20 m3 pm 3.06 m3 pm 5.28 m3 pm
Recirculated Water - 90% - 95% 90% - 95% 90% - 95%
Site Required Make-Up Water 0.42 m3 pm 0.05 - 0.12 m3 pm 0.16 - 0.30 m3 pm 0.27 - 0.53 m3 pm
Plant Type Small, portable Relocatable, multiple skids Pit relocatable, skid mounted Pit relocatable, skid mounted
Fine Gold Recovery KCMD7.5 KCCD20 KCQS40 KCQS48
Magnetite Removal Yes Yes Yes Yes
Nugget Recovery Nugget Trap Full ISS system for recovery of 2.5mm - 12mm nuggets Full ISS system for recovery of 2.5mm - 12mm nuggets Full ISS system for recovery of 2.5mm - 12mm nuggets
Coarse Nugget Recovery Nugget Trap Metal Detector & Reject Gate Metal Detector & Reject Gate Metal Detector & Reject Gate
Staff Required3 2 3 3 3
Gold Production4 per month n/a 463 troy ozs 926 troy ozs 1,852 troy ozs
  1. Hourly Production Capability: This is the hourly design capacity of each model. The actual throughput will vary depending on clay content and operational limitations. Volumes may increase or decrease from amounts stated. Initial ore quality testing is strongly recommended prior to order.
  2. Process Water Usage: This is the amount of water used to break up clay, rinse the aggregate and run the recovery systems. In the Production Plants all water is recirculated and only make-up water is required on a regular basis. This number may vary depending on clay content of the ore, atmospheric conditions, etc.
  3. Staff Required: The Exploration & Pilot Plant units require a single person, however for safety two staff are recommended. The Production Plants require a Supervisor and two staff per shift to monitor and feed the plant. Additional personnel will be required to bring ore to the plant and reclaim the site.
  4. Gold Production: This is based on a low ore grade of 0.50 grams per cubic meter, running at capacity for 80% uptime (USA Industry Standard for Aggregate Operations), which is 9.6 hours out of a 12 hour shift. The plants are capable of full 24 hour production with regular maintenance shutdowns. These numbers are shown for conservative estimate of gold production only. All sites vary in grade of ore and operating hours of the plant.