AuVert Technology

Our Vision: "To Modernize Alluvial Mining"

AuVert provides secure and efficient recovery systems that bring a new respect to placer operations. Our goal is to consistently expand our knowledge base to assist clients, educate new miners and develop our products. AuVert will become a champion of alluvial mining by providing efficient solutions and professional support to both customers and the industry.

Our Mission: "Providing Solutions to Make Gold Green"

AuVert is a single source solutions provider to alluvial mining companies world wide. We offer unparalleled recovery technologies thereby maximizing our customer’s profitability. AuVert will only provide environmentally friendly solutions to assist our client’s in overcoming any obstacles to production.

AuVert System Benefits

Maximum Recovery

Leveraging the strength of our partners, the AuVert system provides the highest gold recovery of any alluvial system on the market today. In a comparison to a modern jig based method, AuVert recovered over 50% more precious metals from identical feed during production testing. Efficient recovery means a profitable operation on even low grade material, which extends your mine life and increases returns.

Environmentally Friendly

The AuVert plants are a closed circuit system that recirculate the water and do not require settling ponds. On average AuVert uses 77% less water than traditional methods. Water losses are only through evaporation and gravel wetting which lowers make-up water requirements. No chemicals are used in the recovery systems. Gold is recovered by enhanced gravity, induction sensing technology and metal detectors. The most challenging task facing modern mining is the efficient use of scarce water resources. Even in areas of abundant water the elimination of waste ponds and reduced water usage can be the difference between getting mining permits or not.

Patented & Proven

The AuVert system is a patented recovery process that was developed in Canada and proven in North America. The system is a robust, turn-key recovery plant with proven technology able to withstand the rigors of operations world-wide. These systems have operated from the cold of Alaska to the deserts of Chile and the jungles of Central America.

Controlled Gold Collection

The AuVert plants use standardized locked collection points for all three fractions of gold recovered. This means the operators of the process plant never see any gold or concentrates and the locked containers are easily transported to a secure gold clean up site. The larger P100 and P200 plants have full remote sensing and on-site cameras which can be monitored 24 hours by clients to ensure site security.

Low Operating Costs

Using our proprietary waterless nugget recovery process reduces water consumption; subsequently reducing wear and tear and operating costs. Even the largest AuVert plant can be run by a single operator, with additional staff required to feed and remove the tailings to reclamation. All of the systems are designed for ease of maintenance and long component life. The AuVert plants are full mining- grade equipment designed for a life in excess of 10 years.

All Weather Design

With low water usage and a small footprint, the AuVert system can be adapted to all weather conditions. It is possible to fully enclose the plant and extend the season in northern climates due to no settling ponds and low water usage.

Handles Heavy Clay

The AuVert system was designed to address all of the problems facing alluvial miners. The largest obstacle to efficient recovery in traditional methods is dealing with heavy clay in the feed. AuVert uses the Haver & Tyler Hydro-Clean units for a high pressure, low water washing of all aggregates below 150mm. This makes sure all fine particles then flow into the enhanced gravity recovery unit.

P200 Video

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